hi all,

a few weeks ago I performed a 2 set-concert with my longtime friend and talented pianist Claude Diallo, which was filmed with a live audience at Kult-X.

It was quite fresh (we rehearsed the day before only for the 1st set, which consisted of a 2 pianos duet, and only on the day of the performance with Toni Schiavano and Massimo Buonanno as rhythm section). We sent music to each others in advance though).

In addition to performing, Claude also produced the whole event, which was quite a production, bringing in a top crew of lighting engineers, sound and video + streaming technicians. It was streamed live as we performed, and is now available to re-watch for a small fee (5 Euros) at the following link: http://bit.ly/ClaudeStreams3

If you wish to support Claude in his entrepreneurial effort and artistic path, or if you’re simply curious to check out what we did, please consider buying a ticket at the link mentioned above to view and hear this production.

Cheers and happy summer to all,


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