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I’ll be giving a day-long masterclass as part of the Projektwoche at HSLU, in Lucerne, on Monday January 31st, 2022.

The topic can be described as: Booking / Music business from the Artist’s point of view. Further down is a short description about it.

For more info, please contact directly the HSLU: carmen.roeoesli@hslu.ch / Phone: +41 41 249 26 00

As a young graduated musician, it might seem overwhelming to book a tour for your band, and intimidating to approach medias and potential agents for the upcoming release of your first EP. All the more to do so while staying true to your artistic vision and sensitivity.

Based on his experience with his Grand Pianoramax and solo projects for the past 15 years, Leo Tardin will share what he learnt through internationally releasing and touring 8 albums as a bandleader and solo artist, collaborating with various booking agents in Switzerland, Germany and France, PRs, record labels and the many questions and challenges that go with it.

Various topics will be discussed, such as:

-How to pitch your band in various contexts (to venues and promoters, to medias, to foundations for grants and supports) with interactive exercices, both on the content and the ways of doing so.

-Some common mistake and traps to avoid in establishing yourself as an upcoming artist, in booking concerts, and in releasing an album.

-How to spread your music with the current tools at hand, and what to expect from record labels.

-Some inspirational words and positive thoughts to navigate your way in this business.

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