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Some 23 years after having the honour to win the first International Piano Solo Competition at the Montreux Jazz Festival, I’ll be at Autumn of Music (presented by the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation) on Nov. 25th, 2022, giving a public workshop at 6pm at the the Montreux Palace (Coupole) entitled “Piano vs. Keys: From Grand Piano to Grand Pianoramax”.

I’ll be discussing and demonstrating how I went from mainly acoustic jazz piano to using various keyboards, and reaching beyond the jazz idiom under the Grand Pianoramax moniker, through collaboration with drums visionaries such as Jojo Mayer, Deantony Parks (and then settling with longtime partner Dom Burkhalter), and US spoken-word artists and rappers Black Cracker, Invincible and Mike Ladd.

Feel free to stop-by, it will be open to the public (free entrance) and I’ll show from the inside how the GPX repertoire was conceived. More info here.

I’m looking forward to it!



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